MacGray Electric Inc offers a variety of services in California, including


We want you to have a pleasant and safe experience while doing business with MacGray Electric Inc. The opportunity to work for you is very important to us, and want you to know that we treat every visitor with the honesty and respect they deserve. You are regarded as a valuable customer, and for this reason, our intention is to provide you with services that operate well within the legal requirements of California State Law, as well as with honesty and integrity.


Any personal information that you submit to MacGray Electric Inc is considered private and confidential. Once we obtain your information, it will be held securely and will not be shared with other entities. The length of time we hold it will depend on the type of need you have, and once we no longer need the information, it will be permanently deleted from our records.

Contact Form

Information that you submit through the contact form on this site is considered private and confidential. This information is used only as a way to get back to you with the information that you requested. When you send us your information, it will not be sold, traded or archived. The forms on this site are not set up to establish accounts. They are simply used for contact information. Regardless of the reason, we follow legal requirements regarding your personal information and consider it private and confidential. Once submitted, all information will be used and held only long enough to respond to the specific type of need you have.

Safety First

MacGray Electric Inc is a responsible small business in California. As such, we take pride in not only our work but the fact that we look after our employees and our clients. We understand that to create a safe atmosphere for both employess and customers, we must conduct ourselves in accordance with the company rules that we have created for ourselves as well as State and Federal guidelines. This also means following common sense rules for saftey and courtesy when conducting business on your property.

California Insurance Guidelines

We fully comply with California State Laws and Regulations. All California business owners must consider insurance guidlines, some of which are mandatory and some are optional. MacGray Electric Inc is in full compliance with mandatory insurance guildelines for fulltime operation in the State of California.

MacGray Electric Inc is Licensed by the State of California # 669272

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Cert of Insurance

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